“Through eternity…”

There are two sayings Upsilon Phi Chapter (1976)within our fraternity that are often repeated. The first is that “Sinfonia is a lifelong journey.” The second is, “Once a Sinfonian, always a Sinfonian.” At the core of these statements is the belief that a man does not simply “join” Phi Mu Alpha. Rather, he pledges to uphold its musical and fraternal ideals for life. While some may refer to certain aspects of their collegiate years as “those things I did when I was in college,” Sinfonians are known for proudly meeting their fraternal obligations after they’ve graduated.

Sinfonian alumnus in the classroom.Just as the Upsilon Phi chapter’s active membership reveals a diverse cross-section of Truman State students, so do the ranks of our esteemed chapter alumni. Some of our alums are professional performers who have toured the world. Others are music educators. And far more are doctors, lawyers, businessmen and other professionals who share a love of music and a close kinship with their fellow brothers, regardless of age.

Alumni brothers reunite at Jazz FestMany alumni keep in touch with one another after leaving Truman State University. Whether it’s through casual social gatherings, banding together for a performance in their community, or simply returning to Kirksville every February for the Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival, Upsilon Phi Sinfonians understand — and live by — the tenet that “Sinfonia is a lifelong journey.”

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JF48 Events for Alumni:
  • Alumni Reunion – 7pm – Friday, February 26 – Dukum Inn (upstairs) – Food Included
  • Judges Jam – 9pm – Friday, February 26 – Dukum Inn (upstairs)
  • Breakfast – 8am – Saturday, February 27 – Days Inn ($4.99)
  • Jazz Fest – All Day Reception at Alumni Table
  • Evening Concert – 8pm – Saturday, February 27 – Baldwin Hall ($8.00)
  • Casual Mingle – Post-Concert – Saturday, February 27 – Dukum Inn