“Upsilon Phi, Upsilon Phi, we pledge to thee…”

For all young mBrothers and prospective members at a formal rush function.en, the first step toward becoming a Sinfonian is taken the moment one plays an instrument or sings a melody. Yet it is in the closer kinship of college life where the official journey of Sinfonia begins.

At times, there is a disconnect between the greater community of a performing ensemble and the solitary existence of a musician honing one’s craft for hours in a practice room. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia aims to serve as a bridge from that greater community. United by loyalty to Truman State University and to our fraternity, the brothers of Sinfonia’s Upsilon Phi chapter are dedicated to instilling in all people an awareness of music’s important role in enriching the human spirit.

Upsilon Phi Rush BBQWhile Phi Mu Alpha demands the heartfelt dedication of its members, it also offers opportunity for personal growth. Brothers are expected to actively contribute to the chapter’s various activities every school year. From the very first day a probationary member pledges himself to become a collegiate member of Phi Mu Alpha, he has the opportunity to learn and grow as a man, as a musician, as a brother and as an example to his fellow music students.

Casual FridayWe hold several rush events, mostly in the early fall and spring. And we typically hold one probationary membership season every year. As an opportunity to learn more about Phi Mu Alpha, the Upsilon Phi chapter and their fellow probationary brothers, this is a formative time that many Sinfonians fondly remember.

For more about becoming a member of the Upsilon Phi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, please join us for one of our next rush events or feel free to contact Adam Marroquin, our fraternity education officer, for more information.


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