Performance Guidelines

New for 2017: Due to an ongoing total renovation on Baldwin Hall, Jazz Fest 49 will take place in the Student Union Building. A detailed map will be included in the packet sent in February. Because of the nature of the building and the amount of travel between floors, Drum Sets (no cymbals) will be provided in warm-up, performance, and clinic rooms. You may elect to bring your own drum set if you so desire. You will be responsible for providing cymbals.


Personnel: All participants in each ensemble must meet eligibility requirements as set forth by the National Federation of High School Activities Association. An accurate list of all personnel must be provided upon arrival at the festival (3 copies). Band directors are not permitted to perform with their group(s).

Awards: Outstanding Soloist awards will be handed out — please make sure to fill out the provided soloist information sheet.

Equipment: Truman State University will provide the following equipment in the performance rooms:

  • A sound-reinforcement system
  • Risers, chairs, stands, and electrical outlets
  • A grand piano
  • A vibraphone
  • Drum Set + Hardware (NO CYMBALS)

Each band must supply any additional equipment e.g. cymbals, amps, bass, guitars, auxiliary percussion, etc… If you have special equipment needs, please contact Tim AuBuchon at (660) 785-4412. He will take each situation into account and try to accommodate the specific needs of each band.

Warm-up Rooms: A warm-up room with piano, drum set, chairs, and stands will be provided. Warming up will be allowed only in the warm-up room during the allotted time without exception (NOT in the storage rooms, hallways, or performance site). (Note: Amps are not provided in warm-up rooms.)

Truman State University and the Phi Mu Alpha Jazz Festival cannot take responsibility for the loss of personal belongings, equipment etc. Each school will be assigned a monitored storage space (size determined by band size and number of bands) located on the bottom (first) floor or third floor of the Student Union Building, but individuals and band directors must take precautions to keep their equipment secure. Each school should vacate their storage space after their last group’s clinic, to curb the possibility of theft. NO drinking or eating will be allowed in the storage rooms.

Please make your students aware of these requests, especially the ban on playing outside of warmup rooms.

Performance and Clinic: Each group will be allotted 30 minutes (including set-up and tear-down) which will include performance. A clinician will observe each band, accompany them to a clinic room, and provide a 30 minute clinic (including set-up and tear-down). A piano and drum set (NO CYMBALS) will be provided in each clinic room. (Note: Amps are not provided in clinic rooms.)

Entrance Fees/Ticket Information: The entrance fee for each school is $175 for each ensemble and $175 for each combo. Please include the appropriate fee with your application. The registration deadline is February 1, 2017. We have had problems with faxes in the past, so though we will accept faxed entry forms, we need you to either call or email to make sure that we did receive your application. Please return your application as soon as possible – performance spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mail registration packets to:

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
Music Department
Ophelia Parrish 1101
Kirksville MO 63501-4221

Apply online:

Or fax to:


Faxed applications should be followed by phone call or email for confirmation.



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